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360W 516x282x70mm LEDprincess Grow Lights (LP-GL-8R360W3) -
LP-GL-8R360W3 (Back Fan)
Model No
LP-GL-8R360W3 (Back Fan)-73
Product Type 380-850nm
Quantity MOQ: 1
Power 360W
Size As in Description
Voltage AC85-264V



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360W 516x282x70mm LEDprincess Grow Lights


1. Daisy Chain

2. Failure Rate 0.1%

3. High Efficient 3W LEDs

4. CE & RoHS                  









Max Power


LED Quantity

120pcs 3W LEDs

Input Voltage


Operating Frequency


Full PAR Range

From 380nm to 730nm

Optical Lens

30°, 60°, 90°

Working Temperature

20°C to 40°C

Life Span

50,000 hours

Product Size


Net Weight




Gross Weight





360W LED Grow Light's Features:


1. Tested Out PAR Value, Over 650 PAR Reading From 10cm Distance
2. Wide-screen Design, Big Face For LED to Emit More Effective Light
3. No Glue Assembly, Built-in Power Supply With Wire Connectors
4. High Quality And Easy Maintain
5. Less Heat, 10 ºC-12 ºC Temperature Rrise
6. 2-3 Units Can Be Connected To Use By One Input Plug
7. Four Quality Fans On Back Running Against Heat
8. Two Easy On/Off Wwitches, Detachable Power Cord
9. Can Be Combined With HPS & MH Lights

10. Hang Kits Included



360W LED Grow Light's Advantages:


1. Save Energy & Money - Save Up To 50-70% In Power Consumption Compared To Traditional Lighting (90W LED Can Replace a 300W HPS)

2. Less Heat - No Overheating Allowing You to Place Our LED Lights Closer To Your Plants.

3. No Noisy Ballast - Our LED Grow Lights Are ''Plug-And-Play". 

4. Built-In Reflector with Focused LED.

5. 50,000 Hours Long Life Compared to 20,000 Hours with HPS.



Spectrum (Wavelength) For Plant:


Red: 660nm, 630nm,

Orange: 610nm
Blue: 450-480nm, 440nm,
UV: 420nm,
Cyan: 495nm,
Green: 525nm
White: 2700k, 3500k, 4500k, 6500k, 7500k, 8000k, 10000k, 12000-20000k



Height and Plant:
Plant Size Recommednded Height Closest Distance
Seedings/Cuttings 1.5-2m 1.5m it is not recommended to put such high powered lights any closer than this to your littleseedings or cuttings
Youngsters<30cm 1.5-2m 1-1.5m Some slight listlessness of the upper leaves may occur but does bot affect the over all growth.
Mid-End Veg Period 1-1.5m 45cm Some slight bleaching may occur but does not affect the over all growth.
Bloom 45-60cm 30-45cm Some bleaching of the fruits and upper leaves may occur but does not affect the overall yield or quality of product



360W LED Grow Light's Pictures:










360W LED Grow Light's Applications:


1. You Can Grow Any Indoor Plant With LED Grow Light.

2. Use a LED Grow Light to Grow Orchids, Roses, Peppers, Tomatoes, Basil, Lettuce, Herbs, Kale, Spinach, Wheatgrass, Broccoli, Wildflowers, Cucumbers, Strawberries And Many Other Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables.

3. Great For Growing Any Houseplant and Excellent Choices For Nurseries Or a Large Area.

4. Provides Coverage Up to 12 sq ft And Are Suitable For All Stages Of Plant Growth.











360W LED Grow Light's Trade Terms:


Payment Terms

T/T, Western union, PayPal, L/C, Escrow

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Pc

Sample Lead Time

3-7 Days

Production Lead Time

7-10 Days

Packing Standard

Single Box Depart

Shipping Port 



By Express(DHL/UPS/FEDEX) Air Or Sea





Our Factory:




Our Certification:




Why Choosing LEDPrincess's LED Grow LIght?


1. Our Own LEDs-made Workshop to Guarantee The High Quality And Reliable Emitting LEDs

2. 3 Years Factory Warranty

3. Any Of Your Enquiry Will Be Responded Within 24 Hours

4. A Team Of High-Qualified Staff Mastering English Well For Your Service -  We are the Leader